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Fourth Grade Students Celebrate Their Lower School Experience During PYP Exhibition

To celebrate the end of their Lower School journey, Lausanne fourth-graders invited family and friends to the grade level's annual Primary Years Programme (PYP) exhibition. Guests gathered in EPAC to see a display of culminating projects that highlighted various skills, attitudes and learner profile traits the students developed over the years.  Leading up to the event, the students formed groups and worked collaboratively with other classmates, teachers and mentors t... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Lower School Lynx celebrate the Week of the Young Child and the annual Writer's Guild

Last week was an exciting one for Lower School Lynx. While our Early Childhood classes celebrated the Week of the Young Child, 1st through 4th  took part in the Writer's Guild, a Lausanne tradition. The Week of the Young Child celebrates the wonder of childhood and the importance of family, friendships, and play in a child's development. Our Early Childhood students invited their families to campus for picnics and a tour of their classrooms in honor of the event. Guests had the... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson

Lausanne Dancers Prove Things Are "Better Together" During Spring Recital

Lausanne students in Lower, Middle and Upper School took to the stage on Saturday morning in the Elder Performing Arts Center (EPAC) as part of the Spring Dance Recital. During their performances, students used songs that stuck with the theme of “Better Together,” showcasing the Lausanne Way traits of global mindedness and meaningful relationships. After a long and uncertain 2020-2021 school year, the Lausanne Conservatory Dance program quietly held a small show for a small audie... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Monday, May 9, 2022

Upper School Students Create Spanish Books For Lower School

Over the past month, students in Chary Jara's Spanish II HL classes used their creative skills to create something special for the Lower School Lynx. Relating to the unit of childhood they were currently studying, students created a children's book written completely in Spanish. "My students had to create a story in Spanish that included some traditions from a Spanish-speaking country of their choice while incorporating the vocabulary and grammar covered in this ... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Thursday, May 5, 2022

Fourth Grade Scientists Host Annual Rocket Launch

Last week, Lausanne's fourth-grade scientists hosted their annual rocket launch, an interactive project that gives students the opportunity to test the hand-made spacecraft they created in correlation with their PYP curriculum.  Leading up to the big day, Lower School science teacher Dr. Frassinelli stopped by to present a brief background of Sir Issac Newton & asked the fourth-graders to analyze what the famous scientist meant when he said: "I have been like a boy on ... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Lower School Students Hold Album Release Session

As a part of their music technology projects this year, fourth-graders in Mrs. Tara West's class composed meditation music. Last week, the students held an "album release" session to listen to all of their songs over the course of three days in the Lower School music room. Students learned to create the music using a DAW (digital audio workstation) called Soundtrap. The unit included a questionnaire for family and friends that helped the students gauge the calming effect of the... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Lower School Teacher Exchange Helps Teachers Break Out of Their Comfort Zones

The Lower School pulled an April Fool’s prank on their students today by changing their teachers for the day. The exchange was the idea of Lower School Head Kara Barbour, who thought it would be a fun way to build connections across grade levels and help teachers look at their own processes. “We always ask students to step out of their comfort zones, and by asking our teachers to teach a different subject or grade level class, it allows them to see their work in a new light,&rdq... Read More
at Friday, April 1, 2022

Third-Grade Students Host Annual Marketplace

This year's Third Grade Marketplace was a success, as Lausanne family members gathered outside Lower School last Friday for a shopping spree benefitting those affected by the Ukrainian war. The annual event is a part of the Primary Years Programme Finance unit, which focuses on function, responsibility, causation and exploring learning products and the market. As the students prepped for their big event, they collaborated and worked as a real business to brainstorm ideas for things they... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Tuesday, March 22, 2022

PYP Unit Takes First-Graders On A Voyage To Mars

This year's Mars Home Expedition experience has been out of this world for our first-grade students!  As part of their PYP unit, "Where We Are In Place and Time," the annual class project includes engaging exercises that explore how we can create prototypes for future civilizations on Mars.  First-graders kicked off the unit with a field trip to the Sharpe Planetarium at Memphis Museum of Science and History to experience the wonders of constellations, plan... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Friday, March 11, 2022

Middle School Students Create Safe Valentine's Day Dispensers For Lower School

With Valentine’s Day parties set to take place Monday across campus, students in the Middle School Advanced STEAM class knew that sharing candy between Lower School students was going to be more difficult than in years past. They also had ideas for how to make it safe for our Little Lynx.  Knowing that the idea was for the candy to transfer from person to person without touching, students created candy dispensers that allowed small amounts of candy to be dispensed without it ... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Friday, February 11, 2022

Learning Gets Electric As Students Create Games For Lower School Students

Students in Kim Bullard's fifth-grade class continued learning about electricity in class on Monday. Something that many of them have learned to appreciate over the past few days after experiencing the winter weather that affected much of the Mid-South.  "With so many currently without power, the importance of electricity is something the students have become very aware of," Bullard said.  As students started the class, they joined hands in a circle, with Bullard sta... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Monday, February 7, 2022

Second Grade & JK Students Share Ideas In Creative Collaboration

Second-grade students at Lausanne had the chance to share their robotics knowledge with students in Junior Kindergarten (JK) this week. "I love being a part of a school where we can share and learn together," director of academic technology and innovation Amy Brownlee said. With the weather too cold to be outside, JK students have been spending their time creating in the hallways outside their classrooms. Meanwhile, second-grade students have been creating as well as a part of LEG... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Wednesday, January 26, 2022

A Colorful Science Lab Turns Into Exciting Learning Experience For Third-Graders

A colorful lab turned into an exciting learning experience for our third-grade scientist in Dr. Frasinelli's class. For the experiment, the students tested a variety of liquids, including vinegar, Pepto Bismol, mouth wash and orange juice, using a pH scale to decipher if the liquid was an acid or a base. To start the lab, Dr. Frassinelli boiled red cabbage in water, so the color in the leaves would come off, turning it purple. Then, the students slipped some drops of the purple liqui... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Lausanne Students Create Paint Colors To Match Their Skin Tones

Lausanne students in Junior Kindergarten (JK) have been learning about diversity and Martin Luther King Jr's dream to live in a world where we treat others fairly and see the beauty in each of us. “We've talked about how special each of us are and how beautiful it is that we don't all look different,” Junior Kindergarten teacher Lindy Roberson said. In fact, students have created a lot of art over the course of the school year and mixed a lot of colors together. But ... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Monday, January 17, 2022

Lower School Students Recognized In Noetic Math Competition

For this year's winter Noetic Math Competition, Lausanne had many participants and winners in second and third grade. The Noetic Learning Math Contest (NLMC) is a semiannual problem-solving contest for Lower School students. The goal of the competition is to encourage students' interest in math, develop their problem-solving skills, and inspire them to excel in math. Students have 45 minutes to solve 20 math problems designed to challenge students and enrich their problem-s... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Lower School Students Explore Holidays Worldwide

Lausanne's first and second-graders eagerly waited as teachers stamped each student's hand-made passports, sending their imaginations on a journey to explore different holidays and cultures worldwide.  As part of their yearly Primary Years Programme (PYP) tradition, Holidays Around the World, first and second-grade students learned about different national and international cultures to connect the curriculum to real-life experiences. For the class activity, students &q... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Friday, December 24, 2021