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Lausanne Students To Give Back To Community Through Pennies For A Purpose

When it came to working on a service project for the year, students in the LynxServe and Student Government Association (SGA) knew they wanted to do something special.  "Our process started with the idea of bridging the two groups together, as they both embody the Lausanne Way of developing leadership and service," Evan Lewellyn '23 said.  "We knew we wanted to do something that incorporated students from the whole campus," Dany Hamze '23... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Monday, January 23, 2023

Lynx Earn 30 Scholastic Art Awards

Congratulations to the 15 Lausanne artists that took home 30 awards at this year's Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, including 11 Gold Keys! Pictured above: "Sleeping Giant" by Dylan Steinfield '27. The Lynx had the highest number of Gold Keys awarded to any private school in the area and had the second-highest number of total awards in the group. Senior Jack Gerald led the way for Lausanne, winning a total of eight awards for his art, believed to be a new single-ye... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Thursday, January 12, 2023

Middle School Students Collaborate To Create Pop Art

30 Lausanne Middle School students came together to create one unique piece of art that now hangs in the Upper Middle School stairwell.  Called Pop Art, the popsicle mosaic features individual squares from each student in the eighth-grade Advanced STEAM class. Each square was then put together to create one large collaborative piece.  Students worked on the project for two weeks before the art piece was hung in the Upper Middle School stairwell. Lighting adds to the art, with rota... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Friday, January 6, 2023

Students Come Together To Form Student Activity Council

On Wednesday, eight students in Middle School held their second meeting of the re-instated Student Advisory Council (SAC). Made up of a diverse group of two students from each grade level and headed by Middle School counselor Amanda Pearson, the group’s goal is to give the students a voice and better understand the current issues they are facing.  “Having a group like this allows us to help our students become problem solvers while also impacting the school culture for the ... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Thursday, January 5, 2023

Students Create Digital Masterpieces With Assistance From Fellow Student

When thinking up innovative ways to learn in the classroom, you don't have to look further than Lausanne students and teachers.  "Mrs. Fernandez came to me about a month ago about a project she envisioned for her students encompassing the novel they were reading," Director of Academic Technology & Innovation Amy Brownlee said.  Fifth Grade Language Arts teacher Cass Fernandez wanted her students to do an art piece to accompany their written essays about the symb... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Thursday, December 8, 2022

Middle School Students Represent Lausanne At Model UN Competition

While most of their classmates were on campus, on the fourth floor of City Hall, Dylan Steinfeld '27, Coopers Mears '27, Kylie Roberson '28 and Sara Pradhan '28 stood before a room full of middle schoolers from various schools. Despite being the first group to present and some of their first times participating in a Model UN competition, the Lynx committee was confident in their diplomatic approach and knowledge as delegates for Slovakia.  "It was a little n... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Middle School Students Explore The Similar Themes In The Giver And The Truman Show

As the students walked into class, it was clear that Thursday's class would be slightly different than usual.  Popcorn and candy sat at a stand by the door, and the environment looked more like a movie theatre than the traditional classroom.  But it wasn't simply movie day in Maria Pirani Aldrich's Sixth Grade Language Arts class.  The students just finished reading The Giver by Lois Lowry, and annotated different ways that the setting helped to develop th... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Thursday, December 1, 2022

Middle School Students Go Off The Grid To Create Power

Eighth-grade students in Kim Bullard's STEAM class recently learned about living off the grid and were challenged to find alternative ways to get power.  Given only a hobby motor and a small LED lightbulb, students were tasked with building windmills that generated enough electricity to light a small model house.  "It was very fun," said William Trott '27. "There were some challenges along the way, but troubleshooting the issue and making my windmill work m... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Thursday, November 10, 2022

Immigrant Families Share Their Journey With Lausanne Fourth-Graders

Lausanne fourth-graders have spent the last few weeks studying the causes and effects of immigration as a part of their PYP unit of inquiry while gaining an understanding of the immigrant experience.  "We all share in the immigration story," fourth-grade teacher Susan White said. "Millions of people have made their way to America, and hundreds of thousands still come each year." As an international school, many community members at Lausanne have per... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Thursday, November 3, 2022

Middle School Students Bond In Class Trip To Arkansas

As he harnessed in, what was once something that seemed easy in his head became real, and the nerves kicked in. The self-doubt voice of "can I do this" was loud but his classmates' voices cheering him on were even louder. He pulled the cord and began the swing from the treetops. The fear disappeared and was replaced with pure exhilaration and the roar of approval from his friends. Finn O'Malley '29 had done it. He had overcome fear, and his reward was congratulations fro... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Monday, October 24, 2022

Eighth Grade Students Experience Upper School Learning Environment For The Day

Lausanne eighth graders caught a glimpse of what to expect when they enter ninth grade during their recent experience exploring Upper School's learning environment for Step-Up Day. The middle schoolers had the opportunity to meet with Upper School Head Stuart Dunster and Assistant Head Chris Jordan, toured different spaces they'll have access to next year, including the Virtual Reality Lab and student lounge and participated in classroom sessions with the ninth-grade teachers. ... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Students Walk In The Fictional Footsteps Of Novel Characters During Field Trip To Elmwood Cemetery

In conjunction with their classroom novel, Graveyard Girl, students across fifth grade had the opportunity to tour Elmwood Cemetery, one of the oldest and most famous historical sites in the Mid-South. The history-filled expedition allowed students to follow the fictional footsteps of the characters from the book and learn more about the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1897. With a guided tour from Elmwood staff members, students explored the dramatic Entry Bridge, the Carpenter-... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Friday, October 7, 2022

STEAM Students Create "Better Bots"

Students in Kim Bullard's eighth-grade STEAM class put their creativity to work when faced with helping a fictional toy maker with a problem he was having. "Two weeks ago, I presented the class with a problem," Middle School STEAM teacher Kim Bullard said. "A local toy maker was disappointed that his sales numbers were down for the last three months. The robots he had made were cute and fun to look at but weren't selling."  Students in the class were then t... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Middle School Trips Return for 2022-23 School Year

Seventh Grade students restarted one of the Middle School's annual traditions this week: the Middle School Class Trip. The Class of 2028 left early Wednesday morning to journey to Camp Bear Track, a residential camp in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas on Greers Ferry Lake, for a few days of bonding and team building.  While class trips have long been a tradition in Lausanne's Middle School, the COVID-19 pandemic caused the school to cancel all of its trips since Spring 2020. Thi... Read More
Posted by Drew Smith at Friday, September 23, 2022

Middle School Students Celebrate Annual Raising Of House Flags

Lausanne's fifth through eighth-grade students gathered outside Upper Middle School yesterday to celebrate the annual raising of the Massey, Cottingham, Monmouth and Lendenwood House flags. The students erupted with cheers as Elinor Barrett '27, Jonah Elijovich '27, Terran Hauberg '27 and Emma Lee '27 took turns raising the flag in honor of their respective Houses.  The order of the flags is determined by the previous year's house cup race, and marks the sta... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Friday, September 9, 2022

Middle School Students Connect Grade Levels With House Activity

Lynx Middle School students are using their house activity to connect the 16 grade levels across the Lausanne campus. “For our House Activity this week the 7th and 8th graders created posters for the other grade levels around campus,” sixth-grade Individuals and Societies teacher and House System Director Kyle Lawrence said. “They worked on creating a poster that includes Social Emotional Learning, a positive note, a drawn picture and their House... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Friday, September 2, 2022