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PYP Unit Takes First-Graders On A Voyage To Mars

This year's Mars Home Expedition experience has been out of this world for our first-grade students!  As part of their PYP unit, "Where We Are In Place and Time," the annual class project includes engaging exercises that explore how we can create prototypes for future civilizations on Mars.  First-graders kicked off the unit with a field trip to the Sharpe Planetarium at Memphis Museum of Science and History to experience the wonders of constellations, plan... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Friday, March 11, 2022

A Colorful Science Lab Turns Into Exciting Learning Experience For Third-Graders

A colorful lab turned into an exciting learning experience for our third-grade scientist in Dr. Frasinelli's class. For the experiment, the students tested a variety of liquids, including vinegar, Pepto Bismol, mouth wash and orange juice, using a pH scale to decipher if the liquid was an acid or a base. To start the lab, Dr. Frassinelli boiled red cabbage in water, so the color in the leaves would come off, turning it purple. Then, the students slipped some drops of the purple liqui... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Lower School Students Explore Holidays Worldwide

Lausanne's first and second-graders eagerly waited as teachers stamped each student's hand-made passports, sending their imaginations on a journey to explore different holidays and cultures worldwide.  As part of their yearly Primary Years Programme (PYP) tradition, Holidays Around the World, first and second-grade students learned about different national and international cultures to connect the curriculum to real-life experiences. For the class activity, students &q... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Friday, December 24, 2021

Lower School Launches Robotics Team For Third And Fourth-Graders

The world of robotics has always been a topic students love to explore during their Primary Year's Programme (PYP) unit on programming. This year, Lausanne's third and fourth-graders will have the opportunity to continue pursuing their tech interests beyond the classroom with the launch of the Lower School Robotics Team.  "We are super excited about starting the Lower School Robotics Team this school year," said Lausanne's Directo... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Lausanne Unveils Memphis Themed Early Childhood Playground

With the start of the 2021-22 school year comes the unveiling of our newly renovated Early Childhood Playground. To celebrate, Lausanne had the honor of inviting the playground's donors and their families to a grand opening.  After completing the Outdoor Discovery Center in 2015, Lausanne set its sights on a similar endeavor for our littlest Lynx. The Early Childhood playground's new design represents last year's overarching theme of "We Are Lausanne. We Are Memphi... Read More

Lower School Lynx Celebrate 2021 Writer's Guild

For this year's 2021 Writer's Guild, Lausanne Lower School students spent the morning chatting with author/illustrator Brian Pinkey over Zoom and gathered outside throughout the afternoon to enjoy ice cream as they celebrated their writing and illustrating accomplishments.  . .  In class, students have been reading their guest speaker Brian and Andrea Davis Pinkey's book, Ella Fitzgerald: The Tale of a Vocal Virtuosa, while expressing their own creativity through writi... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Friday, May 7, 2021

First-Grade Entrepreneurs Host Annual Food Truck and Marketplace

Lausanne's campus was full of excitement this morning as first-graders served up good food and great times during their annual Food Truck and Marketplace. The Lynx entrepreneur's set up shop outside of the Lower School building and took on the roles of cashier, server, quality control officer, chef and customer service representative. Family members had the opportunity to shop for recipes and products made from herbs the first-graders grew themselves. The students' goods ... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Fourth-Graders Host Annual Rocket Launch

This week kicked off the annual Rocket Launch for our Fourth Grade scientist! Each class took turns heading down to the grassy field to shoot off their self-made spacecraft. Leading up to the big day, Lower School science teacher Dr. Frassinelli stopped by to present a brief background of Sir Issac Newton & asked the fourth-graders to analyze what the famous scientist meant when he said: "I have been like a boy on the seashore, gazing out over the large ocean, lucky enough t... Read More
at Friday, April 16, 2021