A Calligraphy Lesson From Lausanne Teacher That Is Fun For The Whole Family
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A Calligraphy Lesson From Lausanne Teacher That Is Fun For The Whole Family

One of the challenges of teachers during this time of virtual learning is mimicking the classroom environment as best as they can. This is especially true in classes dealing with the arts. Re-creating the environment of the stage in the Elder Performing Arts Center (EPAC) or the Atelier is hard. However, IB Visual Arts & Director of the Michelangelo Project/Atelier Kate Manzo found a fun way to not only teach students a new skill but also include their families in the fun. 

"While the Coronavirus has many staying at home sheltering in place, this challenging time offers us all a new opportunity," Manzo said. "The chance to spend time with family, those we love, together. So, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade!"

As a part of her class, she used items found around your house to create calligraphy. The items? A piece of paper, a ruler, tape and two pencils. 

"Whether you consider yourself an artist . . . or not, are one of my IB Visual Arts, Michelangelo Project Atelier, Advanced Art or Art I students, or are a natural DIY explorer, or even rather new to creative projects, once you get engaged in the process, you'll reap the calming meditative benefits of a focused artistic technique" Manzo said. 

During the video tutorial, Manzo shows how with just a few quick tips, you can create beautiful art from the comfort of your home. 

Click here to watch the video and learn how!

Enjoy...and remember to stay healthy and stay strong Lynx!