Abhi Battini '25 Wins 2020 Lausanne Spelling Bee
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Abhi Battini '25 Wins 2020 Lausanne Spelling Bee


Eighth-grader Abhi Battini '25 spelled the word cataract correctly in the final round last week to become the 2020 annual Lausanne Spelling Bee winner.

After many back-and-forth rounds with seventh-grader Sachin Lyons '26, Abhi confidently spelled his winning word on the Elder Performing Arts Center Stage, which was met by the applause from the socially distanced families who attended. 

Congratulations to all of our Lausanne spelling bee participants on a hard-fought competition!

2020 Lausanne Spelling Bee Participants:

1st Grade: Samriddhi Shrestha '32

2nd Grade: Symone Walker '31

3rd Grade: Devi Weber '30

4th Grade: Evan Shukla '29

5th Grade: Roshail Jawwad '28

6th Grade: Asha Lyons '27

7th Grade: Sachin Lyons '26

8th Grade: Abhi Battini '25

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 10:21