Advising Process Prepares Students For College Success
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Advising Process Prepares Students For College Success

This week, members of Lausanne’s class of 2022 are moving into dorms at colleges around the country. But while their work with Lausanne’s newest alums concludes, College Advising at Lausanne begins preparations to shepherd students from the class of 2027 through their college journey.

“It is important to engage the students early in the college process,” shares Laurie Gray, Co-Director of College Advising. “Helping them lay out the blueprint and begin the process is essential in ensuring they get into the college that best fits them.”

Gray, along with Co-Director Whitney Morrison and Coordinator DeKitra Durant, guides students through the sometimes confusing college admissions process. Their efforts have helped Lausanne students matriculate to more top 25 universities than any other high school in the city. But their work starts long before the student enters Lausanne’s Upper School. The Office of College Advising formally introduces students at Lausanne to the college process in December of their eighth-grade year.

“We love the opportunity to get to know students starting as early as eighth grade,” Morrison said. “It allows us to personalize the process and find the best fit for the student and their family.”

In addition, eighth-grade student-athletes meet with Marvis Davis to discuss the potential of playing sports in college. Davis, Lausanne’s Associate Athletic Director of  College Compliance and Leadership, helps ensure student-athletes meet eligibility requirements for college athletics.

“We create a roadmap for students that helps them attract the attention of as many colleges as possible," Davis said. "We want them to reach their potential both on the field and in the classroom at whatever university they decide to attend.”

Over the next four years, the students continue their college journey, with students and families finding the best fit for their students and working to help find the best match.

As the student begins Upper School in 9th grade, a college advisor meets with each family to discuss their student’s aspirational college goals. After reviewing the results from PSAT testing, the advisor helps interpret current admission trends for the family so they can set attainable goals and develop a plan for success.

“Students receive guidance on what courses, internships and extracurricular activities will help them as they progress through their academic journey,” Morrison shared.

In 10th grade, students and parents meet with their college advisor to assess academic progress and address any concerns through early intervention.

“We’ll review the student’s latest PSAT testing results and, together, build a personalized preparation and testing schedule for the student’s junior year,” explains Gray. Sophomores also begin to create their college resume, conduct mock college interviews with advisors, and meet with college admissions representatives on campus at Lausanne.

At the beginning of their junior year, the class trip focuses on visiting various college campuses to give students a sample of different college environments.

“We take them to a variety of schools: large universities, small liberal arts colleges,” shares Morrison. “Giving them a sample of the different options helps the students develop preferences for what they want in their college experience.” The tours create a great learning environment, showing students how to explore academic options and find their “right fit” institution.

Throughout the school year, students continue to receive guidance on their academic journey and participate in mock interview sessions with college representatives and Lausanne alums. Resume writing workshops, career exploration sessions, and essay brainstorming workshops led by college advising help students with the application process. Weekly meetings focused on college advising begin in the spring, along with optional trips to college campuses during Spring Break. With representatives from over 130 different colleges and universities visiting Lausanne annually, students have the opportunity to form their vision for life after Lausanne.

“By the time they reach 12th grade, the previous three years of personalized attention and the relationships we’ve built with them let us support them through the process,” Gray said. “We know what school they’ve fallen in love with and what schools have fallen in love with them and we work to make the best match for the student.”

Seniors complete their college applications and ultimately decide on the university to attend. Students and parents meet 1-on-1 at the beginning of 12th grade to create a targeted and personalized college application list based on the student’s academic profile, personal goals and professional plans. Together, they review application deadlines and identify potential scholarship opportunities.

Seniors also attend the College Application Bootcamp held in the fall to learn tips and best practices for filling out the applications. The students participate in weekly group college advising sessions in the fall during advisory and prepare for college and scholarship interviews by participating in individualized mock interview sessions.

For college advising, the work is worth it.

“We love helping students find a school they love and are excited to become a part of,” shares Morrison. “We have a front-row seat to see students reach their dreams.”

It’s The Lausanne Way.

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