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Ancient Civilization Leaders Square Off In March Madness Bracket

March Madness is upon us. Soon, sports fans everywhere will be filling out their brackets to prepare for the NCAA tournament.

In the fifth and sixth grade hallway, a different kind of matchup is already taking place.

An “Ancient Civilizations Leaders” bracket has been up since last week to commemorate March Madness.

After revealing the overall vote vote-getter to students on Wednesday through Friday, The overall champion, Alexander the Great, was crowned on Friday. He edged out Augustus, Julius Caesar and King Sargon.

16 leaders were a part of the bracket, which was divided into the four regions of Mesopotamia, Asia, Africa and Europe.

The students were able to reflect on past knowledge of these leaders from previous Units of Inquiry or click “View Matchup” on the online bracket and get sent to a link that will tell them about the accomplishments of that leader.

The physical bracket was posted in the Tanner Lower Middle School Hallway.

Fifth-grade Individuals and Society teacher Kyle Lawrence said that although it was not a part of a lesson, it was "a fun way to keep the kids interested in Ancient History and learn a little more."