Archives Reflect On First Trimester History At Lausanne
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Archives Reflect On First Trimester History At Lausanne

We have exciting things happening at Lausanne as we kick off the school year, including two new collections featured in the Lausanne archives. If you are feeling nostalgic, stop by the displays around campus to reflect on some of the campus traditions that have taken place in the first trimester of school over the years. 

In the library, you can view the tradition of Freshmen Initiation/Senior Appreciation along with pictures of what it is like on the first day of school, Halloweens of the past, Father/Daughter Mother/Son Dances and sports of the First Trimester. Visiting Norfleet Gym, you can see the evolution of Lausanne Football and outside the doors to the Main Building is a look back on the Senior Breakfast/Drive-Thru, Grandparent/Friend Day and Halloween. Outside of the Upper Middle School building, it is all about the house system and in the Lower School lobby, you can take a look at previous Halloween & Grandparents/Friend Days.

"We are proud to announce that everyone can look at a Lausanne yearbook from 1938-2015 excluding 1940, 1941, 1961, 1970 & 2008, on Lausanne Website,"  archivist Cissi Loftis said. "This is a fun way to see what we did in the past and believe me there are some eye-opening ones out there."