CAS Project takes 12 Lynx to Belize
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CAS Project takes 12 Lynx to Belize

12 Lausanne juniors and seniors took their graduation requirement to complete a CAS Project across international borders to Belize. 

Students partnered with Santa Elena Primary Catholic School in San Ignacio, Belize. Students ran winter break camps involving science experiments, theatre design camps, math enrichment programs and sports introduction camps. Students also worked with Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic on graphic design and a new media campaign for their program to inform others of the work and programs offered by the clinic.

As a component of the IB programme, the CAS Project requires students to initiate and complete a project of their own design, coordination and planning over at least 30 days. For the Belize trip, students began work in September on coordinating ideas, handling communication and organizing supplies in order to make their project successful.

Over 65 students from Santa Elena school joined our students for a great week of forging meaningful relationships and building character through service to others.