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Celebrating "The Week Of The Young Child" At Lausanne

Lausanne is celebrating "The Week of the Young Child" this week in Pre-Kindergarten (PK), Junior Kindergarten (JK) and Senior Kindergarten (SK) with fun activities outside at recess.

Daily events have included activities like the testing of 3D printed bubble wands. The wands were created by middle school students and will be given to Promise Academy students after receiving the seal of approval from PK, JK and SK students.

Tuesday, students met with middle school teacher Tom Brezina. Mr. Brezina told students about how his seventh grade students made a compost bin to help Lausanne's community garden. The students also learned how composting benefits the environment through recycling of organic resources and saving water by helping the soil hold moisture and reduce water runoff.

"To aid in the composting, the students from PK, JK and SK will be collecting green and brown nature to help add to the compost bin at Monday morning's recess," Junior Kindergarten Teacher Carrie Miller said. 

On Wednesday, students will enjoy an Early Childhood Picnic down by Blue Heron Lake followed by family soccer games on the Lynx soccer field. 

For students and teachers, enjoying time outdoors offers the students a chance to learn and grow in a unique way. 

"The best way to learn and grow is to play, wouldn't you say?" said Mrs. Miller.  

To see the photos from the 3D printed bubble wand day, click here.