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Christina Sigler '20- Senior Profile

As a student at Lausanne for the last 14 years, Christina Sigler '20 is thankful for her time as a Lynx that helped shape her into the person she is today.

"One of my favorite things about Lausanne has always been the environment, specifically seeing how much people care about each other here," Christina shared. "I think in my total time as a student, I spent more time here than at my own house. I've slept here, spent 16+ hour days at school, I grew up here, and I'm going to miss that."

The full IB Diploma Programme student's experiences over the years involved being a Lausanne ambassador and a member of various clubs like the Teenage Improvement Club, Friends With St. Jude and Model UN. However, being a part of the Varsity Cheer team was one of Christina's favorite extracurriculars. It led to multiple achievements, including being named "All American" all four years in high school and her team winning the State Championship in 2019. 

Between her focus on her academics and dedication to her extracurriculars, Christina has fully prepared herself for success when she heads off to her dream school, Duke University in Durham, in the fall to major in economics. 

"Duke was my only true love as a college," Christina said. "I spent multiple summers for a program there from 8th to 10th grade and liked the campus and school spirit. Nothing matches Duke students during the basketball season. Also, its academic reputation is world-renowned."

Even though Christina looks forward to life after graduation, she knows Lausanne will always be a place she can call home. 

"If I had to do it again, I wouldn't go anywhere else, Lausanne was certainly the school for me," Christina said. "The 14 years that I have spent at school here will always be special to me. I am thankful for everyone who made my Lausanne experience truly unforgettable."

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 08:30