City Council Member Visits With Lausanne Third Graders
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City Council Member Visits With Lausanne Third Graders

The Lausanne third graders got a visit from the city of Memphis on Wednesday, as councilman Ford Canale stopped by Lausanne to speak with Katie Hise's third-grade class to speak to the students about government. 

As the representative of Super District 9, Position 2, Mr. Canale has the privilege of serving over 300,000 Memphians. He earned Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Accounting from the University of Alabama. Currently, Councilman Canale serves as the Chairman of the Parks & Environment Committee, Vice-Chairman of the Audit Committee, and is a member of the Budget, Economic Development, Tourism, & Technology, and Public Safety & Homeland Security Committees. Ford also serves as the City Council Liaison to the Memphis in May Board. 

Canale spoke with the students about his role in city government as well as what the role of the city council is in the governing process, which fit in well with the class' current inquiry of study, "Who We Are."

Hise also said it helps the students retain the information better by hearing from officials like Canale. 

"By having expert speakers like Mr. Canale, students are able to better understand the world around them and outside of our Lausanne bubble," Hise said. "They have the opportunity to inquire about our Memphis government and reflect on their rights and responsibilities as citizens of our local community."

And who knows, there might have been a few future council members in class today.