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Class Of 2023 Learns Team Building As Part Of Yearly Class Trip

As the newest members of the Upper School, the Class of 2023 have spent the first few weeks navigating their role on campus.  

The transition to ninth grade is a unique time. Students begin high school and start their push towards graduation, building a network of peers and mentors is one of the essential building blocks for their success. 

Each year, the freshman class participates in a team-building and group-bonding trip as a way for students to get to know new members of their class and build relationships with the 9th grade faculty.  

"We believe this allows our students to engage with their communities and with their classmates. The freshman class trip is intentionally designed to build relationships and break down barriers," upper school counselor and learning specialist Samantha Douglas said. 

On Monday, the class gathered, boarded buses at Lausanne and headed to Clearwater Cove in Lampe, Missouri. Freshman class faculty, advisors and a few members of the senior class joined the students to act as facilitators for the week.

The week includes activities that are intended to help the class bond together while getting them away from the rigors of classwork and the day-to-day grind.


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