Lausanne STEAM Students Compete in Engineering Event At U of M
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Lausanne STEAM Students Compete in Engineering Event At U of M

A group of Lausanne Middle and Upper School STEAM students had the opportunity to utilize their engineering skills outside of the classroom when they attended E-Day at the University of Memphis. 

The annual event, hosted by the Herff College of Engineering at the University of Memphis, consisted of competitions, lab tours and various interactive activities. 

Eighth-graders from Ms. Bullard's Advanced STEAM class competed in E-Day and took home first place in the Knex Transportation Challenge

"I think the students did an incredible job preparing and it showed," Middle School STEAM instructor Kim Bullard said.

Upper School participants placed first in the wing design competition and third in the transportation challenge.

"The students who competed have a genuine interest in pursuing a STEAM career as evidenced by their hard work and willingness to devote time outside of class," Upper School Physics teacher Faunne Brown said.

Middle School E-Day participants: 

  • Laila Holland '24
  • Jocelyn Lyons '24
  • Katherine Finley '24
  • Palak Desai '24
  • Zair Barlow '24
  • Jordan Kirshbaum '24
  • John Michael Treadway '24
  • Ryon Ghodoussi '24
  • David Burnham '24
  • Jonathon Goldfeder
  • Lily McCollum '24
  • Jack Plucker '24
  • Jordan Beasley '24
  • Mackenzie Mink '24
  • Abby Trott '24

Upper School E-Day Participants:

  • Agnes Kovesdy '20
  • Kimberly Kerr '20
  • Lindsey Baker '20
  • Vilanna Wang '20
  • Jacqueline Lee '20
  • Yagmur Onder '20
  • Victor Yu '21
  • Elizabeth Surbrook '21
  • Yolanda He '21
  • Daila Chemaitilly '21
  • Walter Mink '22