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ColorBricks Manufactured As Part Of Week Long Eighth Grade Exercise

Last week, Dwight Spain's eighth-grade learned about the production of goods.

Through this experience, students studied creating products individually as well as assembly line production to see the benefits of both. Afterward, they headed up to the Makerspace area to put what they learned into action in a collaboration with Kim Bullard. 

On Tuesday, students individually created a product called "ColorBricks." The bricks, made from two brown bags stuffed with recycled paper, had to meet certain design criteria.

Wednesday, the class broke into two "companies" and were tasked with implementing time-saving methods to help them manufacture the product to meet demand. 

The students spent a few minutes discussing how to efficiently attack the project. Then the assembly line whistle blew and it was time to "begin the workday."

The students then put their plan into action. Each student had a job in the production of their ColorBricks. As the "workday" went on, students were tapped by Mr. Spain and Ms. Bullard to go "on break," leaving a gap in the production process. The remaining students had to fill that gap until the students returned. 

At the end of the exercise, the bricks were examined and subject to "quality control." If they did not meet the design criteria, they were scrapped. 

To end the class, students compared their results to the other classes that had also done the same exercise while discussing quality versus quantity in the production of goods.

The process taught students the importance of each member of the production team plays in the mass production of goods while showing them how the IB learning they receive at Lausanne applies in real-life situations.