Eighth-Grade Entrepreneurs Create All Natural Bath Bomb Company
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Eighth-Grade Entrepreneurs Create All Natural Bath Bomb Company

A big part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme at Lausanne is implementing the curriculum students learn in the classroom to real-world situations. 

The goal is for students to build skills they can use on and off-campus and in the future when they leave Lausanne. Recently, eighth-graders Jaqueline Beeber '25 and Sara Kapadia '25 did just this when they created Blossom Bombs, a company that sells homemade, all-natural bath bombs using some of the mathematical information they learned in the classroom. 


"We calculated our prices using the math skills we learned in Mrs. Locastro's class," said Sara. "First, we bought our ingredients and created a book with all of the prices. Then, we calculated the number of components needed per bomb. 

"We then divided the cost of the ingredients by the amount necessary for one bomb to get the price for that ingredient," said Jacqueline. 

The journey to entrepreneurship began as a way to make extra money for the middle schoolers but became much more than that when researching how to make a bath bomb.

"We learned a lot of the ingredients in bath bombs are harmful," said Jaqueline. "Some ingredients used to add color in mica powders found in bath bombs are unhealthy for you, so we use we use all-natural alternatives like beet juice to make specific colors."

After deciding what product they wanted to sell, the Middle School duo launched a website promoting the products. Customers who visit the site can buy various bath bomb scents and sizes ranging from truffle to small, medium and large. 

Since creating the business, Sara and Jaqueline have had multiple consumers from the Lausanne community buy their product, and they hope to continue expanding the website and gaining more shoppers. 

"It delights me to see young students take the initiative to start their own business," said eighth-grade math teacher Mrs. Locastro. "It makes me even happier to see them using their math and art skills in a real-life context.  I could not be more proud of these young ladies!"