Eighth-Graders Taking Steps To Help The Environment
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Eighth-Graders Taking Steps To Help The Environment

Lausanne always encourages students to work towards a better tomorrow, and making sure we have a clean environment is an essential part of the process.  

To help do their part in maintaining an environmentally friendly campus, each year the middle schoolers participate in the Sustainable Schools Challenge created by CleanMemphis. The goal of the challenge is to teach students to care for the environment by completing tasks like creating energy efficient projects, cleanups and garden installations.

Eighth-graders in Mrs. Hoffman’s class recently spent the day walking around the Lower and Upper Middle School completing an energy audit to access the energy needs and efficiencies of the buildings. The students surveyed some of the teachers and used specialized tools to measure data such as temperature, humidity and illuminance. From this data, students will build an energy conservation campaign to promote reducing energy use on campus.

By partaking in the Sustainable School Challenge, students are gaining an awareness of what needs to be changed and building crucial skills that will help them create a better environment.

Way to go, Lynx!

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 14:36