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Fifth Grade Students Creating Educational Book For Lower School

For some, getting your writing published and used as an educational tool is a dream.

Students in Nick Blackwell's fifth-grade class have begun an interdisciplinary project with STEAM in which they will be researching an animal and creating a class book that will be professionally published as a hardback book and used for a teaching tool in a lower school classroom. 

Each student in the class will get four pages to teach their lower school classmates about the animal they have been researching.

"The students have explored the classification of their animal, the animal's impact on their environment and how their animal has been affected by humans," Blackwell said. 

In addition to the science content they are learning, they are exploring concepts in design by creating a model of their animal that will be 3-D printed. Using an online platform called Scripsi, the students created their pages while exploring concepts in design. 

The publishing company Student Treasures will provide the class with a hardback copy of the book to present to the lower school.

"The project offers lots of opportunities for collaboration, artistic design, basic graphic design, writing skills, research skills, and many other skills," Blackwell said. "They will be working on this project for at least a week in the design lab."