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Fifth Grade Studies Mummification Using Hot Dogs

Kyle Lawrence's fifth-grade classroom in Memphis, TN looked a lot like Memphis, Egypt Friday as students continued their study of Ancient Egypt by learning about mummification.

In studying the unit, the class discussed why, scientifically, the Egyptians would have mummified their pharaohs (and sometimes cats!). They also studied the mummification process and how it tied to the Egyptian belief of the afterlife. 

In an attempt to replicate that process, students used common household goods to make a hot dog mummy. The objective was to understand and replicate the process of mummification while learning about Egyptian techniques.

It is also a chance for students to experience the cross-curricular learning that makes Lausanne so special. 

"It is an interdisciplinary lesson with Mr. Blackwell’s Science class. They are working on measuring within the Scientific process," Lawrence said. "We will measure the hot dogs after several weeks and see what physically has happened to the hot dogs."