Fifth-graders Host Egyptian-Themed Museum
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Fifth-graders Host Egyptian-Themed Museum

This week, Mrs. Kristen Ryan’s fifth-grade social studies classes hosted an Egyptian-themed interactive museum.

The students immersed themselves in the many aspects of ancient Egyptian society like the inventions that came from it as well as the social order, and the museum experience was a part of their culminating project for the unit on Egypt. 

To use the information they learned in a creative way, the students headed to the STEAM Lab to design Egyptian artifacts.

The fifth-graders used skills like critical thinking, collaborating with a group and communicating to bring the interactive museum to life. They utilized many different materials for their artifacts including Legos, clay, and paint. Their artifacts ranged from focusing on pyramids and mummification to hieroglyphics.

During the interactive museum event, it was quite a sight to see the fifth graders proudly explain their artifacts to enamored lower schoolers. The students used creativity and teamwork to pass on their newly acquired knowledge to others.

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 07:55