Fifth-Graders Practice Laws Of Motion With Marble Race
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Fifth-Graders Practice Laws Of Motion With Marble Race

Fifth-graders in Mrs. Bullard's Science class had the opportunity to test their knowledge of engineering recently when they constructed a marble race maze.  

The activity contributes to their Middle Years Programme (MYP) curriculum, in which students learn about Sir Isaac Newton and how we can see the Laws of Motion in our everyday lives. 

"We've discussed concepts relating to Laws of Motion ranging from why we wear seatbelts to the amount of force needed to accelerate a vehicle," said 5th Grade science teacher Kim Bullard. "We now understand our world a little better. 

For their racing project, students designed and constructed marble mazes with obstacles, composed a written explanation of the barriers related to the Laws of Motion and, ultimately, race. Except for this time, "race to the finish" has a twist: Get there slowly!

"This PYP summative speaks volumes about force and motion while yielding lots of fun and exploration," said Mrs. Bullard. 

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Posted by Shayne Dotson at 08:26