Fifth-Graders Test Their Design Skills During STEAM Lab Activity
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Fifth-Graders Test Their Design Skills During STEAM Lab Activity

Lausanne fifth-graders could barely contain their excitement as they watched the device they created successfully spin.

Students from the Class of 2027 were spending the afternoon in the Middle School STEAM Lab learning about the design process and collaborating with classmates to solve a problem using just a string and a rod. Each group had to come up with a design-plan and create a contraption using the two items supplied, with the goal of connecting the string and getting it to wrap around the wooden rod at a rapid pace.

"This was a unique opportunity for them to engage in the design cycle with a rapid pace, said Middle School STEAM Instructor Kim Bullard. "They inquired and analyzed, developed ideas, created a solution and evaluated their designs. Their squeals of joy could be heard throughout the library as one after another succeeded in producing an efficient wind turbine."

The hands-on activity guided them through the steps of the design process and helped the students become more comfortable with using the STEAM Lab and its resources, while also providing a joyful and challenging learning experience.

“Everyone loved seeing their ideas in action, and I loved seeing them express their genuine passion for learning,” said fifth grade math teacher Robin Trusty.