First Grade Students Use VR To Visit Animal Habitats
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First Grade Students Use VR To Visit Animal Habitats

Lausanne first grade students took a step inside the virtual reality world recently as they visited the animal habitats they had created. 

The students have been conducting research about animals and habitats. To visualize their research, they worked in pairs to build a three-dimensional habitat in virtual reality. They chose environments, added habitat elements and their animals to bring them to life.

"Our first graders love high engagement activities that they can be creative and apply their research," first-grade teacher Tabatha Whittaker said. "The introduction to this software for habitats will be carried across other PYP units where they can create a Mars home, marketplace and then eventually create games with coding too! I can tell by today's level of interest, they will be excited to use it more."

Using the program CoSpaces, students were able to animate the animals and include facts they have learned so far during their research.

"When students are able to create and explore in 3-D, they are placing content in context and improving retention by immersing themselves in the learning." Director of Academic Technology & Innovation Amy Brownlee said. 

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 10:00