First-Graders Explore Different Habitats At Blue Heron Lake
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First-Graders Explore Different Habitats At Blue Heron Lake

With clipboards and pencils in hand, students across first-grade adventured around Blue Heron Lake, letting their inquiring minds lead the way as they searched for habitats near the water. 

While one first-grader stood on her tiptoes to observe the spiderweb she spotted in a tree, another got down on his hands and knees to watch the ant colony moving through a sand mound. As each student came across a different environment, they moved toward it carefully to not disturb any inhabitants but close enough to investigate. Using the supplies they brought, the students drew pictures and jotted down details about their discovery.

Their experience was a part of the Primary Years Programme unit (PYP), Sharing the Planet, which explores how living things interact in different ways and looks into the systems humans and nature needs to balance the ecosystem.

"The children were so excited to take our very first 'in-house' field trip," said first-grade teacher Ms. Pohlman, "They saw many examples of animal habitats!"

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Posted by Shayne Dotson at 13:54