First Graders Host Food Truck Festival
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First Graders Host Food Truck Festival

The Lausanne Dining Hall is known for providing students, faculty and parents with amazing meals on a daily basis.

April 13, however, found it home to about a dozen food trucks. 

Food trucks in the dining hall? Yes, you heard right. 

Lausanne first graders set up a Marketplace and Food Truck Festival in the alumni dining area to go along with what they had been learning. In the classroom, they had been studying how the system of economic exchange impacts communities.

For the marketplace, students had to create food and non-food products with herbs to sell. Each food truck had an herb theme such as basil, parsley, oregano, mint, thyme, and cinnamon.   

Experiences included simulating a conveyor belt, assembling trail mix and exploring local stores (including the Lynx Store). The students also made a business plan with inventory and marketing as well as figuring out their profit.

Students took responsibility during the marketplace to make sure guests were greeted, drinks were passed out to customers, money was managed and the food was prepared. 

It was a hands-on experience of developing products and organizing their own business, and one the first graders said they all enjoyed.