First-graders Learn Multiple Lessons Through Bread Baking
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First-graders Learn Multiple Lessons Through Bread Baking

"I like that we are all cooking together," Zaria Jackson '31 said as she finished her turn stirring a pumpkin bread mixture and passed it to her classmate. 

Students across first grade spent their morning baking pumpkin and cranberry bread as a part of their math unit on measurement and current PYP unit of inquiry, How We Express Ourselves. 

"Students created items that relate to Thanksgiving," First-grade teacher Christina Mewborn said. "We learned that Thanksgiving can be celebrated globally and discussed the variety of customs and traditions of how it is celebrated around the world." 

With guidance from Mrs. Pohlman, Mrs. Mewborn, and Mrs. Whittaker, the first-graders learned how to measure each ingredient and worked together to stir and pour the mixture into pans. 

"This cooking experience infused cultural recipes, math skills, communication skills, teamwork and hands-on activity," First-grade teacher Tabatha Whittaker said. "The students love cooking in our classroom!"

The students were happy with the results of their cranberry and pumpkin bread and will be sharing their sweet treats with family and friends tomorrow during Grandparent's Day. 

"Although it was hard work, we are proud that it tasted delicious," Elsie Aziz '31 said. 

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 14:29