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First Graders Preparing For Life On Mars

As part of their "Where We Are In Place and Time" unit, first-grade students are planning for a future civilization on Mars.

As part of the project, students studied past and present civilizations in order to prepare for their new home on the Red Planet.

Students used their knowledge and research from the past to decide what the needs and wants were for life on Mars. Students also studied the significant difference between planet Earth and the environment on Mars. 

Mars Mission teams consist of five teams that include a food team, water team, shelter design team, energy team and oxygen team.

"We all work on teams because we all have ideas that come together and sometimes you have to try different plans if one doesn't work. Lots of different plans," Blakely Bickerstaff '30 said.   

This unit of inquiry supports teamwork, redesign and the endurance to keep trying when one idea does not work.