First Graders Study Habitats On Blue Heron Lake
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First Graders Study Habitats On Blue Heron Lake

As part of their Primary Years Programme (PYP) unit, first graders took a walk to Blue Heron Lake on Monday to observe habitats around the water.

"We used an observation sheet to draw things we noticed,"first-grade teacher Tabatha Whittaker said. "Then we looked for natural versus human-made objects."

While doing their observations, students noticed that along the right side of the lake there are homes and along the left side there were trees and woods. As they came back into the classroom they charted the differences and talked about balancing ecosystems when humans live around a natural resource.

"Our PYP unit is entitled 'Sharing the Planet.' Our central idea is that living things interact in different ways," Whittaker said.  

The observational on-campus field trip offered a real-life look into how humans and nature need to balance ecosystems. 

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