First-Graders Spend The Day Adventuring Around Memphis For A Good Cause
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First-Graders Spend The Day Adventuring Around Memphis For A Good Cause

During an off-campus outing, the class of 2030 spent the day adventuring around Memphis to wrap up the first-grade service project.

The first stop of the day was at the Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association (MIFA) facility, where the first-graders had the opportunity to tour the kitchen, learn how the organization prepares meals for MIFA’s Meals on Wheels initiative and to present the proceeds students earned for the non-profit.

“Visiting MIFA and presenting the organization with the proceeds they worked hard for gives our students the opportunity to see the impact they are making and why it is important to provide service to others,” said first-grade teacher Tabatha Whittaker.

Lausanne first-graders formed a relationship with MIFA through their service project that encourages empathy for others and ties into the six Primary Years Programme (PYP) units of inquiry they navigate through in their classrooms. Over the school year, students made cards for seniors in the program and hosted a food truck marketplace where they sold products and food made from herbs and spices they grew themselves to help raise money for the organization.

After exploring the facility, the first-graders headed to a park to enjoy some sunshine and a picnic, while reflecting on their experience at MIFA and discussing the knowledge they gained during their service-learning journey.   

The little Lynx continued their adventure by visiting Inspire Café in Midtown to learn about the business’ compassionate mission to help others and to enjoy some sweet treats before heading back to Lausanne’s campus with full bellies and a better understanding of the impact they are capable of making within the community.

*Read more about the first-graders MIFA partnership and service project in the 2019 Lausanne Spring Magazine arriving in your mailbox by the end of May.   

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 13:31