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Fourth Grade Practices Decimal Usage By Opening Classroom Restaurants

Decimals are everywhere! It is a lesson William Starner's fourth-grade class is currently learning in their math studies. 

After a discussion about decimals and their uses, the class agreed that decimals are used frequently in restaurants, and what better way to learn than to open their own restaurants!

The students proposed an idea for a restaurant menu complete with appetizers, main courses, drinks and desserts.

After working independently or in pairs to create personalized menus, students created menus using paper and pencil or the app Pic Collage. Some illustrated their menus while others used stock images.

All of the menus included prices with decimals, creative food offerings, and beautifully descriptive language.

Once the tables were set, the restaurants were open for business. Students enjoyed dining at their classmates’ restaurants and recording their orders.

The final task was to practice addition of decimals by adding up all of their items.

"I think that the kids would agree that the most fun part of this exercise was handing out and receiving imaginary tips," Starner said. "It was great to watch them learn in such a fun way and apply their class learning in a real-life application."

Bon appetit!