Fourth Graders Explore American Sign Language
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Fourth Graders Explore American Sign Language

To kick-off their current PYP unit of inquiry "How We Express Ourselves," fourth graders received a special visit from Lower School Learning Specialist Dr. Luanne Sailors. 

This unit's central idea focuses on how communication has changed over time, modes of communication and how people communicate differently. During Dr. Sailor's visit, she gave the student's insight into the method of expression she holds dear to her heart: American Sign Language.

As someone who grew up with parents who are both deaf, Dr. Sailors was able to share with students her expertise on the subject and what life was communicating this way. 

"I enjoyed meeting with the fourth-grade students to share my experiences growing up with both parents being Deaf, what it was like living within the Deaf culture and some background information about my parents," said Dr. Sailors. "The students are always so interested and fascinated to hear about this life experience!"

Exploring this form of communication with someone who experienced it first-hand was a unique opportunity for students and made them excited to investigate other forms of communication. 

“Every year, we look forward to our fourth graders learning that sign language is a full language in itself, just like English, Spanish or Mandarin," said fourth-grade teacher Will Starner. "The fourth graders were surprised that American Sign Language is one of dozens of sign languages that exist all over the globe. We appreciate Dr. Sailors sharing her story with us.”