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Fourth-Graders Host Annual Egg-Drop Challenge

On a warm Friday afternoon, Lausanne fourth-graders gathered at the amphitheater to witness the results of their week of hard work.

“The fourth graders like to start their year with a team building activity”, said fourth grade teacher William Starner.

During the first week of school, the fourth-graders split into small groups and were challenged to create an object that could hold an egg and prevent it from breaking if it was dropped from a significant height. Students had to brain storm different designs and work together to turn their ideas into reality. To create their devices, the Lower Schoolers used re-useable items brought from home like amazon boxes, balloons and baskets.

On the day of the challenge, excited students watched as their devices dropped before rushing to examine the eggs. Regardless of the result, the fourth-graders wanted to see each other succeed and cheered each other on. What mattered was the experience of working together and testing out something that they had created with their classmates.

We love when students have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with their classmates in a creative way to achieve a common goal!

This story was written by communications intern, Phillip Kulubya '20. 

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 15:51