Geoff Calkins Shares Advice With Upper School
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Geoff Calkins Shares Advice With Upper School

Geoff Calkins didn't start off planning to be a sports writer in Memphis. After growing up in Buffalo, New York, he graduated from Harvard and Harvard Law School and began practicing environmental law. 

"I hated it," he shared with the Class of 2026 on Monday. "I went (to Harvard and took the job) for money and prestige. I would have been happier as a divorce lawyer in Memphis." 

Calkins, whose three sons graduated from Lausanne, spoke to the 9th graders about exploring their interests to find their path in life. 

"You're not expected to know what you want to do, but you are expected to explore what you want to do. It's ok to start off on one path, not knowing if it's where you want to end up. Realize you don't have to know the whole path to explore what you may be into."

The award-winning journalist emphasized being flexible and open to changes in your future, and being honest with yourself when it's time to make a change.

"You're going to reinvent yourself multiple times in your life, and that's fine. You're not supposed to know your full path - you're supposed to discover. You find what you want to do by trying different things to see if you're interested. If you're not, it's perfectly fine to change your path and explore something else. Poke around and figure out what you may want to do on this earth."

Posted by Drew Smith at 07:20