IB Anthropology Students Take Their Knowledge Of Street Style Internationally
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IB Anthropology Students Take Their Knowledge Of Street Style Internationally

Recently, some of our IB Anthropology seniors had the opportunity to apply the visual auto-ethnographic methods they learned about in their first term reading assignment, "Street Style" by Brent Luvaas, to make a collaborative blog called "Lynx Street Style." 

The seniors will share their photo journals with iEARN global partners in Russia, Belarus, Algeria and Taiwan, who are also making class photo journals for Lausanne students to compare and contrast the international schooling experiences during coronavirus.

"The most interesting aspect of the Lynx Street Style blog for me is that I really like vintage fashion and that is what I'm creating my blog posts on, so I love being able to look around my school and identify the retro style I am looking for, as well as shaping my' style radar'," Lausanne student Carlin Sutter '21 said. "I think the most important part of the global partnership is getting to see how fashion differs in the United States versus foreign countries."

The IB learner profile encourages students to be global-minded, open-minded and caring. In alignment with our school mission, the Lynx Street Style Blog helps students achieve these characteristics while also being collaborative and process-oriented. 

"I believe the most interesting and valuable aspect of the Lynx Street Style blog is that it has given me a platform in which I am able to express my personal identity in a way that is still an academically enriching experience," Nasser Yousef '21 said. "I think the most important part about the global partnership is the opportunities we are given to truly demonstrate cultural connectivity and awareness. Being able to communicate and collaborate with students from different parts of the world definitively widens one's perspective on how globalized our world has become."

For Upper School Social Studies teacher Rebecca Hodges, it is a way to help connect students to others around the world who are also living through their high school years during the pandemic.

"The Lynx Street Style project is a fun way to practice the anthropological methods and analysis of material culture, boundaries, identity, and symbolism we have learned in class to prepare for IB assessments," Hodges said. 

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 08:39