IB Business Students Visit With Local Coffee Entrepreneur
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IB Business Students Visit With Local Coffee Entrepreneur

Students in Upper School IB Business Management had the opportunity to learn a little about life as an entrepreneur, or as their guest speaker, Kenny Bakers calls it “nontrepreneur,” during a recent chat with the local coffee roaster. 

Based in the Bartlett area, Kenny is a coffee entrepreneur who has grown his hobby and side hustle into a full-time career in the last two years with Ethnos Coffee Roasters. The term “nontrepreneur” he uses comes from his experience, starting with just $100 and turning his business into the thriving organization it is today. 

He joined the upper schoolers on a Zoom call to share his story about growing the company, talk through challenges he faced along the way, his goals for the next year or two, and many other logistical and strategic aspects. His visit gave students a great real-life example of the concepts they discuss in the IB Business class. 

As students at Lausanne know, getting involved in the community is important, and an essential aspect of Ethnos is working with diverse people and communities in Memphis. Since launching, Kenny has worked with local rappers, graphic designers and others to offer great coffee and collaborations that benefit people. 

“Our mission is to connect people across culture around tables, we aim to connect with the community by promoting local businesses and entrepreneurs through coffee collaborations," said Kenny. "Collaboration Over Competition.”

Students had the opportunity to ask questions and share their own business aspirations during the visit while learning a few tips on running a successful organization.

"My goal for the students was to see a great non-textbook example of a local businessman just trying to make it happen, and I think the students got a lot out of the virtual visit," said Upper School IB Business teacher Collin Libassi.