Jacqueline Lee '20- Senior Profile
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Jacqueline Lee '20- Senior Profile

"Through the IB learning experience, I have developed and mastered my own unique learning methods that work effectively for me in achieving my academic goals," Jacqueline Lee '20 shares. Throughout her fourteen years at Lausanne, the Heritage Club member has made meaningful connections that have helped her follow her many interests and succeed in them.

"Looking forward into next year, I am especially excited about college life and the new learnings, experiences and opportunities that come with it," the confident senior explains. "At the same time, I know deep in my heart, I will miss Lausanne tremendously."

Jacqueline is a natural leader, continually rising to leadership positions in the countless activities that she does. Her combination of kindness and dedication allows her to improve whatever group or club that she joins.  The Lausanne ambassador's commitment to the role was recognized with the Outstanding Ambassador of the Year Award. Since her sophomore year, she has been leading her fellow ambassadors as one of the student officers. After becoming president of the math club in her sophomore year, Jacqueline was able to grow its membership and get the school involved in more local math competitions. She began working as a student journalist as a junior, expanding her role this year with the Lynx Link by stepping into the role of editor. In addition to this, Jacqueline has spent her high school years doing countless hours of research for the Model United Nations, regularly attending the conference to represent Lausanne.

Jacqueline also makes time in her busy schedule to help people outside of the Lausanne community. She regularly volunteers at Page Robbins Adult Day Center, where she helps maintain the facility but mostly socializes and plays games with the participants.  In 2018, Jacqueline spent her winter break in San Ignacio, Belize, where she used fun experiments to teach science lessons to local students at an elementary school holiday camp.  

Jacqueline is also an accomplished musician, developing her skills on the piano since the age of five. For years Jacqueline has performed around Memphis during formal studio recitals as well as community concerts at places like hospitals. At only fifteen, she was given a superior rating in piano solo at the Tennessee Music Teachers Association State Competition.

Jacqueline is also dedicated to her role as a student-athlete. "Running long distances over extended hours through grueling heat and pouring rain with my teammates are memories I will always treasure," she shares. "I am extremely proud of my girls' team for making it to the State Championships this year!"

While she uses her time at Lausanne to take advantage of the present, she's also been preparing for her future path. The high achieving senior has made it her mission to learn as much as possible about medicine, her prospective career. In 2017, Jacqueline was accepted into the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Summer Program where she learned about neuroscience. In the summer of 2018, she spent seven weeks at Baptist Memorial Hospital as part of the Summer Volunteer Program. She was one of thirty medicine orientated high schoolers who got the opportunity to observe the workings of the hospital as well as help out with hospital duties like delivering meals and inpatient care. Jacqueline also shadowed a pediatric nephrologist at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital. She recently spent the summer at Tennessee Governor's School, where she earned seven college credits while focusing on the Integration of Biological and Statistical Sciences.

Jacqueline's aspirations have contributed to her excellent work ethic, earning her distinctions at Lausanne and beyond. The National Merit semifinalist is a proud member of the National Spanish, English, and Art Honor Societies as well as the Quill and Scroll International Honor Society. Having excelled in a number of subjects, she also holds membership in the Science National Honor Society, Sigma Society, and the Rho Kappa Society. Her academic versatility has been recognized by her inductions into the esteemed Cum Laude and National Honor Societies. As a ninth-grader, she received ninth place in geometry in the West Tennessee region in the Tennessee Math Teachers Association High School Mathematics Contest. As an eleventh grader, she received seventh place in precalculus.

Despite all of her own accolades, it's hard to ignore Jacqueline's constant encouragement of her peers. But the impressive senior is quick to sidestep the credit, saying she tries to reciprocate the kindness that she has been constantly shown during her time at Lausanne.

"The Lausanne community has surrounded me with the most supportive group of friends one can ever imagine and a wonderful group of teachers who are exceptionally knowledgeable and deeply care about the learning and development of each student."

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