JK Students Cast Votes For Favorite Work Of Art
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JK Students Cast Votes For Favorite Work Of Art

Students in JK got into the voting spirit during the recent elections by casting votes for their favorite painting from a series of famous artists. 

After reading the book "I Voted" by Mark Shulman and Serge Bloch, the little Lynx from three classes faced the important decision of deciding their favorite piece of art. 

In one race, two versions of the Mona Lisa were voted on. One by Leonardo da Vinci and another by Fernando Botero. In another, the choice was Starry Nights by Vincent Van Gogh or Woman With A Hat by Henri Matisse. 

"We wanted the students to know that there are many places where their vote counts," Junior Kindergarten teacher Carrie Miller said. "Sometimes it might be about little things, and other times it might be about big things. But all votes are important."

The exercise was part of the International Baccalaureate Transdisciplinary Theme of "How We Express Ourselves," with the central idea being that people express themselves through the arts. 

When the votes were tallied, the classic version of the Mona Lisa won, with Van Gogh edging out Matisse in the other race. 

Posted by Steven Russell at 07:23