JK Students Go On Adventure In Search Of Their Gingerbread Men
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JK Students Go On Adventure In Search Of Their Gingerbread Men

Junior Kindergartners (JK) had to follow a trail of clues in December when they returned to their classrooms following recess to find that the gingerbread men they had spent the day creating had escaped.

JK students had spent the morning following directions and working as a team to make the cookies. Before leaving for recess, they had set the out to cool so that they could decorate them upon their return. However, when they returned to the class they found their new baked friends had decided to have a little fun of their own.

Luckily for the students, there was a clue as to the whereabouts. That clue led to another clue. While trying to solve the mystery, students found themselves at the playground, the Lower School office, the music room and the nurse’s office before being directed back to their classroom where they found the gingerbread men had returned.

“We love being able to give our students an enjoyable learning environment,” said Ms. Roberson. “The cookie scavenger hunt gave them the opportunity to use strategic thinking skills while still having fun.”

In the end, the students decorated and enjoyed the fruits of their labor with an afternoon snack.

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 09:01