JK Students Lend Their Gingerbread Men A Helping Hand
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JK Students Lend Their Gingerbread Men A Helping Hand

When a person (or Gingerbread man) needs some help, our Junior Kindergartners are there to lend a hand!

"We've been enjoying reading many different versions of The Gingerbread Man," said JK teacher Lindy Roberson. "In most of the stories, the fox snaps up the cookie at the end after offering to 'save' the cookie from the water, so we created a challenge to build a boat to help the Gingerbread Man save himself!"


One of Junior Kindergarten's favorite traditions is making gingerbread cookies each year before our Winter Break. With the current restrictions in place, baking wasn't possible, but with the boating activity, the JK students successfully created a way to keep the gingerbread tradition alive.

"Both our Zoomers (online learners) and our Roomers created plans and tested out different boats," said Mrs. Roberson. "We even did some bridge creating. We lost a few paper cookies to sogginess, but most of our friends successfully saved their cookies by creating spectacular boats! When times like this make us miss the way things used to be, it is still magical to see our world through a child's eyes. What a) fun day we had!"

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 09:55