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JK Uses Photo Hunt To Learn Way Around Campus

Introducing others to the amazing atmosphere at Lausanne is something that comes easy once you have set foot on campus.  

“The Lausanne community is the best," JK teacher Carrie Miller said.  

Lausanne's Junior Kindergarten (JK) teachers recently introduced our youngest and most energetic students to the different parts of our school as well as our friendly staff. Teachers, Ms. Morrison, Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Roberson took the students on a photo hunt that would document every place that the students would visit and every Lausanne community member that they would get to meet. 

This activity allowed the students to become familiar with the people who make Lausanne the special place it is. This activity had a creative aspect as well. After meeting Lausanne’s community, students got to make a circle map of Lausanne. This map displays photos of the many great interactions that they had that day and it shows them where to find the special people that they got to spend time with. 

For the students, it was quite an eventful day. They were mesmerized during storytimes with Lower School learning specialist Mrs. Stephens and head of Lower School, Mrs. Barbour. They shook hands Patrick Potempa who works in maintenance. They petted the school’s therapy dogs, Sammy and Willow. They enjoyed lunch with Girls Varsity Basketball and PE coach, Lisa Mears. They posed for pictures with housekeeping supervisor, Teresa Tate. They visited the lower school office where they met Shannon Somogyi, the lower school administrative assistant. They then went to meet Gina Christian, the assistant business manager and Angela Valadie, the lower school counselor. They learned about what each Lausanne community member does to make Lausanne a better place. 

This activity is part of JK’s “unit of inquiry” on the Lausanne community. The unit of inquiry is an important part of the IB’s Primary Years Programme in the lower school. The exploratory nature of the Primary Years Programme is what led the students to explore the campus and reflects one of the Primary Years Programme’s six transdisplicinary themes “where we are in time and place.” 

The themes are used to help students learn about the world around them and this activity allowed the students to not only learn about their new community, but it made them feel like they were finally part of it.