Junior-Kindergartners Create Virtual Art Gallery For Families
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Junior-Kindergartners Create Virtual Art Gallery For Families

Vincent VanGogh, Georges Seurat, Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollack are just a few famous artists who inspired the bright and beautiful creations displayed in our Junior-Kindergartners' annual art gallery! 

In the past, students would share their work by hosting an art show for the Lausanne community, but they had to modify it uniquely this year. The junior-kindergartners set up Zoom meetings to lead their family members through a virtual tour of the gallery to ensure they still had the opportunity to showcase their masterpieces. 

The annual event is a part of the Primary Years Programme unit, "How We Express Ourselves. The JK students researched different artists at home and shared what they learned with their classmates and during the virtual tour. 

"We culminated our unit by challenging the kiddos to make a snowman inspired using styles from the artists we explored," said Junior Kindergarten teacher Carrie Miller. "My heart was so full seeing the smiles and hearing the happiness from the parents and children as they chatted about all of the amazing work through Zoom."

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 09:55