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Junior Kindergartners Embrace Their Creative Side

Mrs. Roberson’s junior kindergarten classroom bustled with excitement as students worked together to build an imaginative castle.  

“We did this all by ourselves,” shouted one junior kindergartner, before turning back around to continue wrapping ribbon around the classes’ castle creation.

At Lausanne, tapping into your creative side is embraced and encouraged, and during a classroom activity Junior kindergartners had the opportunity to explore their creative abilities by working with building kits called Rigamajigs that consist of wooden planks, wheels, pulleys, nuts, bolts and rope, and are designed to allow a child to build whatever they see fit.

During the activity, Mrs. Roberson stepped off the carpet and without instructions gave her students free range to tinker, collaborate and build whatever they wanted to with the kit materials.

“I love doing activities like this,” said JK teacher Lindy Roberson. “It allows me to see glimpses of their personalities, and this creative freedom gives them the chance to thrive in a not-so-traditional setting.”

Students started in small groups, and eventually discovered they could build larger working as a team. The class drew plans of what they wanted the castle to look like, gathered materials they felt they needed and discussed how they were going to build it before jumping in to build their creation.

“Today’s products were castles, tomorrow’s creative ideas are endless,” said Mrs. Roberson.