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Junior Kindergartners Follow Clues To Look For Missing Gingerbread Cookies

Junior Kindergartners gasped as they entered their classrooms and found that the gingerbread cookies they made had disappeared from their desks and a note had been left behind.

Ms. Miller, Ms. Morrison and Ms. Roberson began reading the note to the students.

“I run away fast,” the teachers said as they read the piece of paper. “Bet you can’t catch me! If you find me, I’ll give you a treat! Go to the place where you run and jump with your feet!”

Smiles crossed the faces of the Junior kindergartners as they realized where their journey was leading them.

“The playground,” students shouted collectively.

The students headed to the playground in hopes that their gingerbread men would be waiting for their arrival. Instead posted on the gate was another note.

The note read: I was running and running and meant no harm, but I tripped and fell and hurt my arm! I went to the nurse who treated me with care. Come and look for me if you dare!

Students giggled and started running toward the lower school office. Upon entering, the junior kindergartners found another note instead of their gingerbread cookies.

One of the students picked up the note and began reading to his classmates.

“I’m not here anymore! You’re not fast enough! Catching me is really tough. I went to type and surf the net. Maybe you will find me yet!”

“Where do you think we should go next,” Ms. Morrison asked. “I think we should go to Mr. Wayne’s office in the library.”

Students darted out of the lower school office and down the hall toward the library.

Mr. Wayne greeted the students, and held up another note for the students to see.

“You’re getting close to finding me, but there are a couple more places that you have to see,” Mr. Wayne read. “Go to a place where you sit and eat. Maybe that is where we will meet.”

The students whispered among themselves before realizing they needed to head back to their classrooms.

Once the students reentered their classrooms, they cheered as they saw their gingerbread cookies had been returned and one last note was there to read.

“You found me! Here’s you treat- Lucky you! You did a great job following my clues.”

“We love being able to give our students an enjoyable learning environment,” said Ms. Roberson. “The cookie scavenger hunt gave them the opportunity to use strategic thinking skills while still having fun.

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 13:24