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Junior-Kindergartners Interview Friendly Faces From The Lausanne Community

Headmaster McCathie smiled as a group of Junior Kindergartners plopped down on the couch in front of him and began asking him interview questions.

“Do you live here,” one of the students asked as his eyes explored the office around him.

“No, but I am up here almost every day,” said Headmaster McCathie with a chuckle.

As a part of the PYP unit of inquiry, Who We Are, the junior kindergartners are learning that everyone is a part of a community and interviewing Headmaster McCathie was an exciting experience that related to their classroom curriculum.  

“After learning that we are a part of a family community, a neighborhood community, a classroom community, and a Lower School community-now we are becoming aware that we are a part of The Lausanne Community,” said Junior Kindergarten teacher Carrie Miller.

The Lower Schoolers in Mrs. Miller’s class have been venturing out of the classroom and exploring the school while meeting the people who make-up the campus community. One of the stops the JK students made was in the Administrative Lobby, where they had the opportunity to speak with friendly faculty and staff members, including the Headmaster.

“We chatted and learned who everyone was and what their roles are at Lausanne,” said Mrs. Miller. “The students learned that Headmaster McCathie has a family community and a neighborhood community just like us and Mr. Dunster, the Head of Upper School, shared that we even have a college community waiting for us after we graduate from Lausanne! It has been so informative and fun to learn about everyone around us at Lausanne and we have been noticing that everyone helps in some way here.”