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Kelvin Borges '20- Senior Profile

For Kelvin Borges '20, Lausanne has always felt like a home away from home.

“I love that Lausanne is so international and globally-minded especially because I was born in Belgium and lived there for 13 years,” said Kelvin. “When I moved to the U.S. and joined Lausanne, I felt comfortable right away.” 

It’s this comfort and connection that led to life long relationships, ones that Kelvin holds close to his heart. 

As for what Kelvin will miss most, he says, “it has to be the double-overtime soccer games against our rivals and scoring a critical goal for the Lynx.” “I’ll never forget the two soccer state championships in 2017 and 2018,” he added. 

He will also miss his cross-country and soccer friends as well as his teachers. He will never forget the early morning sessions with Mr. Shaner either, who he credits with helping him understand physics concepts. 

From high school to college, Kelvin is gearing up to be a part of the Wolf Pack at North Carolina State University. 

“NC State has a great and competitive engineering program," Kelvin said. "I fell in love with the place and the facilities when I did an engineering camp over the summer. A degree in engineering will help me accomplish my goal of sustainability and wanting to create a better future.”

Making a difference is important for Kelvin and he feels that engineering and all of its applications will allow him to make the world safer, better and cleaner for all. Some applications and concepts that appeal to Kelvin involve renewable energy and biofuels. 

“For my IB Chemistry Internal Assessment experiment, I chose to focus on renewable energy and biofuels through fermenting fresh juices and comparing the amount of ethanol produced which is a form of sustainable energy, allowing us to decrease our carbon footprint,” he added. 

From being an athlete, an ambassador, a tutor and vice president of the Make-A-Wish Club, Kelvin is stepping into his future with confidence and pride. 

“I am excited and ready for the next step because I was able to challenge myself in high school," Kelvin said. While doing the IB program and taking higher-level classes I feel that I am ready to take on a difficult major like engineering.” 

As for what Kelvin enjoyed most during his senior year, he simply said, “Every moment.” 

Posted by Shayne Dotson at 12:00