World Kindness Day at Lausanne
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World Kindness Day at Lausanne

As students walked through the double doors of the Middle School hallway to start their day, they were welcomed with a gesture that left them smiling.A post it note on the wall with a positive message waits to brighten a students day in the Lower Middle School.

Attached to the doors were sticky notes that offered kind reminders like,  "You are the person you want to be" and "Love yourself – be yourself."

For World Kindness Day, Middle School students wrote encouraging messages on post-it notes and placed them throughout the hallways.

“Anyone can post some kindness in case someone is having a bad day and needs a little something to brighten their day,” explains Connor Goodwin ‘26. By lunchtime, the hallway was full of the “posts.”

Random acts of kindness were scattered all across campus for students to find and collect throughout the day, as a part of Lausanne's participation in World Kindness Day.  

Downstairs in the Lower School, students painted rocks to hide around campus. After lunch, the JK classes teamed up with their older peers to hide them around campus, hoping to create moments of joy for people to discover. Spreading kindness and building relationships is the goal of “Big Lynx, Little Lynx,” a club that pairs Upper School students with different classes in Lower School. Wednesday, club members spent time in JK, 1st and 2nd Grade lending a hand where they could. While a few spent their time hiding the rocks with the Class of 2033, others helped with reading and Spanish.

Forging meaningful relationships is a part of the Lausanne Way, so students were eager to participate in the international observance, which highlights good deeds in the community and focuses on positivity and kindness.