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Lausanne 360 Camp Preview: Operation Breakout!

Escape Rooms have become a popular destination for groups looking to do team building and sharpen their problem-solving skills. 

It is unclear how and where they started. Some credit Eastern Europe while others credit Asia. In 2014, there were 22 escape room companies in the United States, a number that has grown to around 2,000.

Summers@Lausanne will increase that number by one next week as they hold the Escape Room Design camp. 

The camp, entitled Operation Breakout, is designed for rising fifth through eighth graders and is taught by Lausanne teacher Amy Brownlee. 

"Students get the chance to crack the code before the time runs out," Brownlee said. "You’ve never had an escape room experience quite like this before. In one week we will visit a local escape room and then use our collective brainpower to create our very own storyline and breakout puzzles for our friends and family to experience on Friday."

Students will get an opportunity to sharpen their math, logic and reasoning skills with adrenaline pumping excitement and teamwork. 

"Get ready to solve mysteries, follow hidden clues and put your Sherlock Holmes abilities to the test," Brownlee said. 

The camp cost is $215 and includes BeforeCare.

For more info or to register, go to Look for Escape Room Design the week of June 10-14.