Lausanne 360 Camp Previews: CSI Lausanne & Music Video Stars
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Lausanne 360 Camp Previews: CSI Lausanne & Music Video Stars

Summers @ Lausanne has a couple of great camps coming up the mornings (9 a.m. to noon) of July 15-19 in CSI: Lausanne and Music Video Stars. 

Are you interested in forensic science and crime scene investigation? Join CSI: Lausanne and participate in a mock criminal investigation this summer. Campers will investigate a mystery on Lausanne's campus and learn how to use methods that real crime scene investigators use. 

Lausanne teacher Brooke Hoffman will teach this camp that includes BeforeCare. The cost is $135. 

Also that week, you can join Rachael Arwine of the LCS conservatory for a week of exploring what it takes to put together dance sequences for a music video.  Campers will be working with music of their choice and put together dance sequences that are film worthy.

Will you tell a story with your music video? Invent the next viral dance move? Come find out!

For more information or to register, go to Look up CSI: Lausanne or Music Video Stars the week of July 15-19.