Lausanne 7th Graders Donate Kale Grown In The Middle School Green House
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Lausanne 7th Graders Donate Kale Grown In The Middle School Green House

Out of appreciation for the dining hall staff, Lausanne 7th graders donated gallon-sized bags full of Blue Kale to the head chef and his team.

The kale was grown over the past year in the middle school greenhouse that was built and is tended to by Mr. Brezina’s 7th Grade Life Science class.

“We grew several types of plants in our garden, and were extremely successful with our kale harvest,” said 7th Grade teacher Tom Brezani.

Through the Life Science class, a compost club was formed that met regularly to water and care for the growing plants. The club collected dead leaves, grass clippings, coffee grounds and fruit and vegetables to create the compost for the greenhouse.

At harvest time, the compost club along with other 7th graders who participated in the project worked together to clip and bag the blue kale and deliver it to the dining hall team.  

The learning garden is a part of Lausanne’s international baccalaureate curriculum, where students learn skills that can be practiced in the classroom and the real world as well as continuously caring for others.

“We will continue to grow our learning garden into a larger food equity service project that will be undertaken by the entire 7th Grade class this year,” said Brezani. “This project is good for our students, because it gives them the opportunity to have fun while learning new skills, and allows them to give back to the people around them.”