Lausanne Artists Showcase Talents In Mystery Model Workshop
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Lausanne Artists Showcase Talents In Mystery Model Workshop

For Lausanne students in the art program, being exposed to a wide variety of cultural art styles helps them discover how to express themselves as individuals.

Every year in the Michelangelo Project-Atelier, the artists engage in a three-week portrait workshop. This is a unique opportunity at the high school and middle-school level, as the workshop is similar to those more typically presented to adult-aged professional artists. 

The first two weeks include lectures, presentations and drawing sessions focusing on proportions, features and the perspective quality of the head. The third week culminates in the artists each creating a drawing or painting made by direct observation of a model who is posing consecutively over a week’s time. 

"The mystery model is always a Lausanne-affiliated individual. We are so grateful to this year’s Mystery Models who generously donated their time to our artists, all of whom beautifully held their poses," IB Visual Arts & Director of the Michelangelo Project/Atelier Kate Manzo said.

The Lausanne Michelangelo Project-Atelier is also one of the only programs of its type in the region. This course continues the fine arts training in the European-academic tradition started in the Michelangelo Project. Based on the instructional model of mastery of a skill, Atelier gives students the opportunity of immersion in many specifics, details and techniques of drawing, painting and sculpture.

This year's models included: 
Ms. Kara Keene – US English teacher
Mr. Mario Nolan-Dillard – Coach and Lausanne parent
Ms. Whitney Morrison – College Counselor
Ms. Gina Christian – Assistant Business Manager

See the full Facebook album of photos by clicking here.